Contact me

Thanks for your interest in getting in touch with me. On this page, I have outlined the various media that I use and what I typically use them for. Please contact me through the appropriate medium, but keep in mind that I’ll only respond to legit messages.


My email address is This is the best way to grab my attention and I can usually respond within a few hours.


If you want to ask a quick question, Twitter could be best. I read and accept DMs from people I don’t follow, and I’ll definitely respond to all legit messages.

What I will definitely respond to

If you think your project could use my expertise, I’m happy to discuss that with you. Any questions or inquires relevant to the content I produce on this blog will definitely get a response.

What I won’t respond to

I don’t accept guest posts, sponsored posts and I don’t sell links. Please don’t contact me about these as you will be ignored. I also generally won’t respond if your message is vague, or if its purpose is not clear enough.