Contact Me

Thanks for your interest in getting in touch with me.

I have outlined the various media that I use and what I typically use them for. Please contact me via the appropriate medium, but keep in mind that I’ll only respond to legit messages. You can read an outline of what I won’t respond to at the bottom of this list.


This is the best way to grab my attention and I can usually respond within a few hours.

Twitter: @ayisaiah

I use Twitter primarily to share things with the tech community so please do follow me there. If you want to ask a quick question, Twitter could be best. I read and accept DMs from people I don’t follow, and I’ll definitely respond to all legit messages.

LinkedIn: Ayo Isaiah

I use LinkedIn to connect with people I’ve worked with or otherwise interacted with in a professional capacity. I rarely check LinkedIn so it’s not really the best place to contact me.

Gitter Chatroom: FreshmanHQ

If you have any questions related to tutorials on this blog or within the scope of what I write about, please join the Gitter Chatroom and post a detailed description of your problem. If you’re asking a technical question, please be as detailed as possible. That’ll increase the likelihood that you will get a response quickly.

What I will definitely respond to

If you think your project could use my expertise, I’m happy to discuss that with you.

Any other legit communications with a clear purpose will definitely get a response.

What I won’t respond to

I generally won’t respond if your message is vague or if the purpose of your message isn’t clear enough.