How to Jump to Help Tags in Vim

When you’re in a help window in Vim (:h help), you will observe the presence of links that go to other parts of the document. These links are actually tags that take you to a specific subject in Vim’s help manual.

Image of help tags in Vim 8

Help tags are highlighted in blue by default in Vim 8

To visit the tag under the cursor, you can use the Ctrl-] keybinding. After moving to the new location, press Ctrl-O or Ctrl-t to hop back to the previous position in the documentation.

You can also enter the following in the Vim command line below to jump to a specific tag. This is useful when the tag you’re interested in jumping to is not under the cursor. See :h Ctrl-] and :h tag for more details.

:tag <subject>

Thanks for reading, and happy coding!