How to convert a slice to a string in Go

Converting a slice of strings to a single string is pretty easy to do in Go. The strings.Join() method is present in the standard library for this purpose, and its usage is shown below:

package main

import (

func main() {
	s := []string{"I", "am", "a", "special", "one"}
	fmt.Println(strings.Join(s, " ")) // I am a special one

The first argument to the Join() method is the slice and the second is the delimiter which is used to separate each individual string in the result. In the above example, a space was used as the delimiter. The code snippet below uses a pipe delimiter with a single space on either side.

fmt.Println(strings.Join(s, " | ")) // I | am | a | special | one

If you don’t want to separate the strings with a delimiter, pass an empty string as the second argument to Join().

fmt.Println(strings.Join(s, "")) // Iamaspecialone

To convert the resulting string to a string slice again, check out the strings.Split() method.

Thanks for reading, and happy coding!